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Chilling Trailer for ‘Midnight Mass’ Asks You “Why?”

Mike Flanagan may not be a household name right now. But he’s definitely my favorite name in horror today. Whether you know his name or not, you should know, he doesn’t miss. Every single one of his projects, from Hush to Doctor Sleep, to Haunting of Hll House and the underrated Haunting of Bly Manor, has been fantastic to me.

And now, he’s going to do it again on Netflix, with Midnight Mass. The trailer looks absolutely chilling, and I, for one, cannot wait for this!

Per Netflix:

Midnight Mass tells the tale of a small, isolated island community whose existing divisions are amplified by the return of a disgraced young man (Zach Gilford) and the arrival of a charismatic priest (Hamish Linklater). When Father Paul’s appearance on Crockett Island coincides with unexplained and seemingly miraculous events, a renewed religious fervor takes hold of the community – but do these miracles come at a price?

Unlike his last few projects, Midnight Mass is a completely original work from Flanagan, who’s last original film was 2016’s Before I Wake. For me, Flanagan is a visionary. And allowing him to run loose on any project, let alone one that’s solely based on his own ideas, is a recipe for something fantastic and thrilling. I can’t wait to see this one!

The series stars Zach Gilford, Kate Siegel, Rahul Kohli, Hamish Linklater, and more.

Netflix also debuted a few series from the show, which you can view in the gallery here:

Midnight Mass debuts on Netflix September 24!

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