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Jeffrey Wright and Billy Magnussen Discuss Their Characters in ‘No Time to Die’

The 007 countdown continues! To commemorate the release of the final Daniel Craig 007 film, No Time to Die, we are delighted to share a series of interviews with the film’s ever talented cast and crew. Yesterday we shared with you our discussion with director Cary Fukunaga. Today we’re sitting down with 007 veteran, and brilliant actor overall, Jeffrey Wright, and new to the 007 franchise (but no less brilliant) Billy Magnussen.

In the film, Wright reprises the role of Uatu The Watcher Felix Leiter, who we first met in Craig’s debut outing as Bond, Casino Royale. Leiter is back for one final mission with the MI-6 superspy. And this time he’s bringing back up in the form of Magnussen’s new character, Logan Ash, a man with quite a few secrets up his sleeve.

Here’s what Wright and Magnussen had to say about their “veteran/newbie” relationship in the film, and how it felt saying goodbye to the Craig era of 007:

Stay tuned this week for more interviews coming from the cast of No Time to Die!

Then catch No Time to Die in theaters this Friday, October 8, 2021!

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