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Lea Seydoux from ‘No Time to Die’ on the History of the Bond Girl

James Bond will return in two more days! All this week, we’ve been counting down to Daniel Craig’s final appearance as 007 in No Time to Die, hitting theaters this Friday. And as part of the countdown, we’ve revealed our interviews with stars Jeffrey Wright and Billy Magnussen, and director Cary Fukanaga. Today we would like to reveal our interview with leading lady, Lea Seydoux!

The history of the “Bond girl” has been complicated at best. Female roles within the franchise have traditionally been relegated as sex objects that 007 will bed, then dismiss by the next film. The lead actresses were not really fully fleshed out characters, but either femme fatales that succumbed to the charms of the super spy, bait and incentive for him to look badass, or dispatched early in the film.

However, Seydoux’s character, Madeleine Swann not only breaks that mold by returning to this sequel in a prominent role (something that’s never previously happened in a 007 film), but also by being a complex, vulnerable, fleshed out character and a strong woman overall. We had a chance to talk to her about this, as well as her relationship with Craig’s Bond during this final installment of the Craig era. Check it out here:

Stay tuned this week for more interviews coming from the cast of No Time to Die!

Then catch No Time to Die in theaters this Friday, October 8, 2021!

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