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Do You Want to Taste the Glorious ‘Peacemaker’ Opening Credits?

I said it in my review already. Peacemaker has THE MOST GLORIOUS opening credits sequence ever in the history of television! That’s not an exaggeration! Now HBO Max has officially released the sequence in full, in all of its amazingness for you and everyone to now create TikTok homages to! But enough talk! Shut up and dance!

James Gunn also tweeted out this article on Rolling Stone discussing how the greatest opening credits sequence ever came together! Check it out for yourself to see how something this awesome can exist today!

Once you’re done with that, and after your 10,000th view of this routine, go get a taste of Peacemaker, now streaming on HBO Max!

And for more Peacemaker goodness, check out our Countdown to Peacemaker interview series here on The Nerds of Color. And stay tuned to the site later today for coverage of our roundtable discussion with creator and genius extraordinaire, James Gunn!

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