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Six Seasons and a ‘Community’ Movie

As if there aren’t enough services to subscribe to, Peacock just made an announcement that will finally get me to splurge on NBCUniversal’s streamer: seven years after it got its sixth season (albeit on Yahoo Screen, whatever that is), Community will finally get its movie too!

After a cryptic tweet from the official Community account yesterday, star Joel McHale opened the floodgates with his tweet above, and the official Peacock account confirmed as much with the following exchange a few minutes later:

We don’t know when the movie is coming out, or who would be directing it (perhaps the Russos might make a triumphant return to Greendale?), but it’s safe to assume the original cast — including Childish Gambino, himself (and likely minus Chevy Chase) — are onboard considering McHale tagged them all on social media. No word on LeVar Burton’s involvement.

The last time the Study Group reunited — and hopes for a movie were rekindled — was during a virtual table read during lockdown in 2020.

It was actually during the Q&A portion of this table read that Glover pitched the idea of a movie in which Abed searches the globe for Troy. If that ends up being the movie, consider me sold. Hell, I’ve been sold on #sixseasonsandamovie since Abed said it in season two. Now that it’s finally happening, maybe there is hope we aren’t in the darkest timeline, after all.

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