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New Trailer for ‘Blue Beetle’ Has Landed

It’s no secret that DC has had a rough year so far, with Shazam: Fury of the Gods and The Flash seemingly underperforming. But based on the trailer for Blue Beetle, I think all that is about to change. Because wow! It looks so fun!

WB and DC have just dropped a new, full trailer for Blue Beetle, and it has everything: shades of the first Iron Man, Tom Holland’s first Spider-Man film, a bit of Shang-Chi (hint: superheroes + buses = disaster), great themes of family and heart, and a really strong Latino-led cast. I think WB made the right call saving this one for theaters rather than Max.

Take a look here:

Really terrific stuff here!

Jaime Reyes is finally coming to the big screen, when Blue Beetle hits theaters August 18.

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