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‘Blue Beetle’ Director Angel Manuel Soto Unleashes the First Major Latino Superhero

The Blue Beetle is landing on August 18! And while many out there may be unfamiliar with the character, let me just say, Jaime Reyes is awesome! This is a movie worth celebrating, not just because it represents the first major Latino superhero movie to hit theaters, but because it’s actually really very good, and one of the best cinematic surprises of the year! And we at The Nerds of Color were lucky enough to sit down with the clever maestro behind the film, director Angel Manuel Soto!

Hailing from Puerto Rico, there was no better candidate to bring Jaime Reyes and the entire Reyes clan to life other than Soto! With critically acclaimed films like Charm City Kings and La Granja under his belt, Soto is known for making strong, emotional, character driven films. And through Blue Beetle, he certainly showcases his ability to blend deep emotional moments with big budget special effects better than even some of the most veteran directors in Hollywood. Click below to hear what this brilliant filmmaker had to say about crafting one of the best DC movies of all time!

Though the praise I’m giving this one may seem exaggerated, I assure you it’s not. Soto has executed a spectacular movie filled with great characters and genuine heart, and this is something that cannot be overstated. This is not a Flash situation. On the contrary. This is the one WB and DC should have poured more money into promoting, because it’s sincerely a charming winner.

Blue Beetle hits theaters August 18! Make sure you see this one, folks!

*This interview was conducted during the WGA and SAG/AFTRA strike. To support the strike, please donate to the Entertainment Community Fund.*

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