In August 2013, The Nerds of Color made its debut on the internet. Since then, we have grown exponentially — in contributors, followers, readers, and fans. What started out as a simple blog about the things we nerd out about has grown into a podcast, a YouTube channel, and an active social media hub on places like Twitter and Facebook. And we could not have done any of this without your support.

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As we head in to yet another year at the N.O.C., we want to be able to continue giving you the kind of content you’ve come to expect from us. Unfortunately, providing that content is not with out cost. From domain fees to server maintenance to travel costs, keeping a multimedia entity like The Nerds of Color afloat can be tough. Not to mention, we want to continue to grow as a website as well as compensate the dozens of contributors who volunteer their time and energy in making the N.O.C. the best it can be.

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