‘Occupy Me’ – A Science Fictional Podcast

DEAR AUDIENCE: The first two episodes of Occupy Me form a pilot for an uncompleted narrative series.

Hard NOC Media & Melancholyball Media present


a science-fiction audio drama
written & directed by Dominic Mah
co-producers: Michael Ouyang, Keith Chow
music: Timo Chen
sound design: Andres Coca


Britney Monae as Roxanne
Marc Abrigo as Cy
Erin Quill as Dot
Jessika Rodrigues as Christina
Michael Ouyang as Tod
Andrea Guidry as Annika Rush

special thanks to:
Will Storkson, Keisuke Hoashi, Chere Mah, Carson Mah,
Kiri Mah, Michael Mah, all of @dommah’s patreons 

OCCUPY ME is a science fiction thriller/comedy about Earth’s first contact with two alien entities. The story follows a trio of “average” Earthlings who cross paths with the extraterrestrial visitors and learn of their parallel missions: one seeking discovery, the other scheming towards galactic domination.

OCCUPY ME is the first fictional narrative podcast from The Nerds Of Color’s podcast family; in keeping with the NOC’s mission statement, we’re pleased to feature an all-POC main cast.

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