Katsu Panther!!

These last few weeks have been truly exciting for so many reasons. We began a new convention season, Black Panther debuted, and #28daysofblackcosplay just wrapped, to name a few!

-pause- Let me introduce myself. My name is Tranquil Ashes, but you can call me Tranq for short! Welcome Tranquilities to my humble space where I write about my cosplay and body positive adventures. Most importantly I’ll be  featuring and giving voice to YOU, beautiful NERDS OF COLOR.

Today’s column will focus on #28daysofblackcosplay (created by the legend Princess Mentality Cosplay) and Katsucon 2018. Katsucon is a Japanese pop culture convention, and is considered by most to be the kick off to the “con season.” What a doozy this one was, huh? I have been a patron of this convention since 2012 and I can say with certainty that this year is the BIGGEST that Katsu has ever been. An unprepared staff and nearly shoulder to shoulder standing left little to be desired. However, despite the crowds I had quite a fun experience. The few things you can count on at this convention is fun with friends, random crazy parties, and photo-shoots… lots and LOTS of photo-shoots! Here are a few event highlights of my Katsucon experience and much deserved shout-outs to some cosplayers that are doing big things this year!

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