50 Plus-Size Cosplayers to Follow on Instagram

Welcome back, Tranquilites! Thanks for joining me on another installment of my Cosplay Column!

The POC cosplay community — while growing — is still very small. The plus-size community is even smaller, but within this community you’ll find a myriad of cosplayers in every shape and shade. You often see posts sporting such hashtags as #bodypositivy and #effyourbeautystandards floating around on cosplay shout out pages and Facebook/Instagram Groups.  The reality of the matter is-,those hashtags are found on pages who only cater to -one- body type. The body type in which they feel “positive” about. OR even better, when a cosplayer outside of euro-centric body standards are featured, the oh so obvious yet subliminal message that their weight matters in regards to their craft, is always present.

With that being said, sizeism (prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s size) is a real and evident problem within the cosplay community. Fat-shaming and body-shaming is rampant and the time is nigh to no longer allow such behavior. We don’t see nearly enough plus-size POC being represented on these pages and social outlets and that is something that needs to be change.

So here you go, 51 wonders of Plus-Size POC cosplayers! Why? Because we are Beautiful. Period. Awesome. Period. We out here! PERIOD GO FOLLOW THEM ON INSTAGRAM!

Click on any of the photos below (in no particular order) — or go directly to the gallery from here — to learn more about each cosplayer:

Thanks again for tuning in and enjoying my two cents on on cosplay! If you have any ideas for cosplay features make sure to reach out to me.

3 thoughts on “50 Plus-Size Cosplayers to Follow on Instagram

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing me and including me in this list! It came as a huge surprise and I really appreciate the mention. ^__^

    However, my friend @thealanaleilani makes all my cosplays and is a POC Cosplayer herself (born in Hawaii) so I would like to give her some credit too. Maybe you haven’t heard of her but I would urge everyone to check her out! She guests at cons and is plus-sized and even runs plus-size panels and is part of a plus-size cosplay group called Big Beautiful Cosplayers! I wouldn’t even be involved in cosplay as much as I am if it had not been for her talent and encouragement in pushing me forward.

    This list is so wonderful and I hope it pushes other plus-sized people to cosplay as well! 😀

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