Daniel José Older v Batman v Superman

[Ed. note: Over the weekend, our own Daniel José Older found himself on a plane with nothing to do but watch Batman v Superman (which is now available digitally and will be released on blu-ray in two weeks). His tweet thoughts have been collected below. Enjoy.]

7 thoughts on “Daniel José Older v Batman v Superman

  1. Good piece except for the mythology snark. Prometheus was tied to a mountain as punishment for stealing fire from heaven and giving it to mankind. In one version of the story he indeed got it by taking a spark from one of Zeus’s thunderbolts.

  2. The plot of this movie, especially in the director’s cut, could only be more clear if it held your hand, honestly. It’s a shame because the racial politics of this movie really need the critiquing, but it’s distracting when the first complaint is that the director spends a minute or two on one of the lead character’s origin stories. Thanks for your astute thoughts on the racism in our current superhero movies, though.

  3. To each their own but I enjoyed the movie. These heroes live in a world that tempts them to snap.

  4. I hated Batman v Superman even though part of it was filmed in Detroit (my hometown.) So, you get no argument from me. The stuff Batman v. Superman was trying to do got accomplished by Captain America: Civil War and even that wasn’t the greatest movie, but it totally eclipsed B v S. (yeah look at those initials…BULL v SH*T!)
    I did enjoy seeing Jason Momoa as Aquaman though, for a brief second or three.

  5. The only, only redeeming quality of BvS was Gal Gadot’s WW debut. The rest of the movie was utter crap.

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