Listen to B2EMO’S Extra Emo Playlist After Watching ‘Andor’

As both an emo girl and a Star Wars fan for life, it felt only fitting that I come up with a playlist for the newest and most emo droid on the block: B2EMO from Disney+’s series, Andor. Here are twelve songs that B2EMO is definitely rocking out to when Cassian isn’t around.

12. Hello Goodbye — “Here in Your Arms

You can’t have an emo playlist without Hello Goodbye, and let’s be honest, B2EMO is definitely a bit of a romantic.

11. The Audition — “Shady Business

I think the title speaks for itself, and it is also a great self blame song that every emo kid can relate to. If Cassian gets in trouble, you know B2EMO feels responsible.

10. Bearings — “I Feel it All

This song sounds like something B2EMO would listen to on his way to find Cassian rolling through the town.

9. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus — “Facedown”

Every true emo knows this song, especially for the MySpace kiddies. And B2EMO definitely would have been on MySpace.

8. The Starting Line — “Bedroom Talk

This song is just too iconic to leave off. It’s a great song to sit around and recharge to.

7. Cherie Amour — “Sin City

B2EMO definitely has a wild side that he keeps to himself, but listening to Cherie Amour makes him feel like that wild side is validated. And B2EMO is a good emo and keeps up to date on the newer bands hitting the scene.

6. Pierce The Veil — “Currents Convulsive

I love the dramatic flair this song has, and B2EMO may just have a flair for the dramatics, if you know what I mean?

5. Blink 182 — “What’s My Age Again?

B2EMO wouldn’t leave out these rad dudes. And also what is B2EMO’s age? We see him in flashbacks with Maarva as a spry young droid. But by the present timeline, he’s definitely been through some things.

4. Fall Out Boy — “Saturday

B2EMO knows it ain’t a Fall Out Boy show if they don’t close it out with this song. Also he definitely worships Patrick Stump’s vocals.

3. Paramore — “Emergency

BE2EMO is a Paramore droidy. Though, they aren’t the gateway to his emoness, they are the way.

2. Death Cab For Cutie — “I Will Follow You into the Dark

B2EMO listens to this song and weeps knowing that he would follow Cassian anywhere.

1 . Taking Back Sunday — “Cute Without The E

BE2MO is the original emo. How else do you get the name B2EMO? So he’s definitely a TBS droidy.

Honorable mentions of bands that I think B2EMO would listen to are: The Killers, Hawthorne Heights, Motion City Soundtrack, Midtown, Stand Atlantic, and Real Friends.

What bands or songs do you head canon B2EMO to listen to? Throw yours down below, and don’t forget to check out Andor streaming now on Disney+!

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