Kickstart This: Meraki Cosplay Expo

What makes for great cosplay pictures? It’s when an amazing costume is photographed in an interesting and unique location. However, most of the time cosplayers and photographers can only meet up at conventions. While cons are great for seeing friends and buying things, they are not always the best locations for cosplay photo shoots. Concrete walls at crowded convention centers are not satisfying backgrounds for the costumes cosplayers have worked so hard on. There are conventions that have tried to use backdrops but they often result in pictures that look flat, as if they were taken at a mall. Some people have been able to afford to host kickstarters to allow them to do on locations shoots, but wouldn’t it be great if more people had access to such an opportunity?

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Why Black Panther is Really Getting a Movie

In this episode, I give my thoughts on the recent major movie announcements from Marvel Studios, specifically what I believe to be the true motivation for why Marvel finally decided to give Black Panther his own movie.

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What’s Killing Cons: Cosplay or Organizers?

In this episode I respond to this Bleeding Cool article by Denise Dorman that contends cosplay is hurting the convention scene and making it harder for artists to make a living.I also explain why the real discussion should be about convention organizers and how they plan cons in the first place.

Also, for some reason I caught the “you know” bug and can’t stop saying it!

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Previewing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Need to brush up on your Guardians knowledge? Watch my history of the Guardians of the Galaxy video to get you ready for the upcoming release.

This is a detailed history and background on Guardians of the Galaxy, including a review of all the most prominent members of the Guardians as well as other key players in the Marvel Cosmos.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 News Recap

In this episode, I recap all the big news and announcements from San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Topics include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Arrow, Ant-Man, Fantastic Four, Marvel’s Axis, Gotham, and many more.

Also, Follow me today on twitter @ComixNCosplay as I’m posting all the best cosplay pics from Comic-Con.

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Thor & Captain America: Real Diversity or Gimmick?

In this Episode Nel and I try having a Google Hangout in which we discuss whether or not the new black Captain America and female Thor are actual steps towards diversity in comics or simply a gimmick. And as always a review of the costume changes.

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