What’s Killing Cons: Cosplay or Organizers?

In this episode I respond to this Bleeding Cool article by Denise Dorman that contends cosplay is hurting the convention scene and making it harder for artists to make a living.I also explain why the real discussion should be about convention organizers and how they plan cons in the first place.

Also, for some reason I caught the “you know” bug and can’t stop saying it!


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2 thoughts on “What’s Killing Cons: Cosplay or Organizers?

  1. The key in business, as well as in fashions, is change. Maybe comic authors should change the way they “stand”. Try to make things a little bit more attractive to people instead of complaining they are not making money. Engage with people, cosplay if needed, don’t complain, do!

  2. How in the world would cosplayers hurt the convention scene? I think they really help in getting more people in to it than others. Some are for merchandise, yeah, but one of the best attractions are the cosplayers.

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