DC Launches First-Ever Batman ‘Bat-Tech’ Augmented Reality App

DC just announced the ultimate Batman mobile experience for kids, the DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition app! You can download the free mobile app now in the Apple and Google Play stores. I’ve had the opportunity to play around in the app for the last week and can say it’s a truly immersive and fun way for kids to experience the world of Batman.

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New OLED Model Nintendo Switch Launches in October

After the rumor mill about a new Nintendo Switch console reached new heights, Nintendo announced today the new Switch (OLED model) with a brilliant 7-inch OLED screen is launching October 8. The new model will also feature a wide adjustable stand, a dock with a wired LAN port and 64GB of internal storage. Rumors have been mounting for months that the new console would in fact be the Switch 2 but it’s clear Nintendo is going in a different direction until then.

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Check Out Razer’s Newest Collab With Ubisoft to Game Like an Esports Pro

Today Razer announced a new edition to their line of esports worthy tech in a collaboration with Ubisoft. The BlackShark V2 Pro: Six Siege Special Edition — reskinned with a striking Six Siege design and highlighted with eye-catching orange stitching and accents is a perfect fit for any hardcore gamer.

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Razer Announces Latest Wireless Lifestyle Product: the Opus X

Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, recently announced the newest addition to their family of lifestyle audio products with the Opus X. Features of the sleek, new Opus X include: Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, Bluetooth 5.0, 60ms low latency Gaming Mode, tuned 40mm drivers and two built-in microphones, with modern, and over-the-ear styling in a range of head-turning colors.

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E3’s Media Week Includes Lackluster Perks, Buggy Features, and Bizarre Avatar Creator

Since its inception, the Electronic Entertainment Experience (or E3 expo) has been the number one hotspot for fans and gaming journalists alike to get a sneak peak at the biggest and most anticipated titles to come to the gaming world. As of late, however, the once celebrated video game and tech expo has been against the ropes, fighting the wavering reality of its relevance amid a changing landscape that saw the announcement of the PlayStation 5 in an interview with Wired magazine. In 2019, the expo was rocked by Sony’s withdrawal from the convention and before that, faced increased criticism for “over hyping” titles that would ultimately bust (i.e. Anthem).

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#SupportPOCpods: An Open Letter From Podcasters of Color

In the aftermath of the United States’ 2016 presidential election, many white Americans are asking how a candidate so inexorably tied to white supremacy was able to secure a seat as the leader of the free world.

People of color in the United States, however, are somewhat less surprised. We’ve seen, felt, and suffered under white supremacy as long as we’ve been alive.

Discussions examining the conditions resulting in the President-elect’s ascension have largely been variations on a limited set of themes, and are often confined to the world of political machinery. Was it the relative political weakness of his opponent? The failure of mainstream media to do its job?

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Gender and Tech: The New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

My name is Julie, and I am an actual woman in tech. Sometimes it’s hard being me in tech, because I am a woman… of color… with children… who hasn’t watched a single Iron Man or Wolverine movie. Call me Unicorn.

Have you read about the latest study that shows how shitty it still is to be coding while female (or, I assume, presenting as female)? The way they controlled for geekiness is especially awesome. There aren’t many surprises in this study’s findings; women in Computer Science and tech in general have always been excluded, implicitly and explicitly, and it seems the majority still likes to protect its vanguard.

The article’s flaw, in my opinion, is labeling Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, and other geek institutions as “masculine.” That’s too easy to dispute, and therefore, dismiss. We all can see why “masculine” is not the most accurate adjective to use: there are plenty of counter-examples of masculinity that have nothing to do with that stuff, and of course there are plenty of femmes who like that stuff. It is rather more a slice of the pop culture universe that is indeed white male dominated, but takes its identity from fandoms, the objects of those fandoms, and the general quest for purity within those fandoms. So for the rest of this article, I’m going to call this cultural archetype “ubergeek.”

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