What Are We Saying When We Say, ‘Wakanda Forever?’

It’s been four years and a few weeks since Marvel’s Black Panther leveled the pop-sphere with a $1.344 billion USD box office and a legion of new and reinvigorated fans. Before his big screen debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War — an appearance that all who saw it could not stop talking about — he was a C- or D-list comic book character in Marvel Comics’ overstuffed roster.

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‘Shades of Cosplay’ Makes Me Want to Cosplay

Cosplay is an enigma to me. The act of dressing up as one’s favorite character to an almost identical degree shows a mastery of craft-making, make-up, and acting that is rarely discussed in other mediums. Being a fan of a show or a character is no longer a passive experience when you cosplay, it becomes an active response to the work that inspires you.

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Did Veronica and Archie Make the Right Decision on This Week’s ‘Riverdale’ Episode?

It’s been very obvious what Veronica (played by Camila Mendes) and Archie’s (KJ Apa) relationship arch has been since Riverdale’s seven year time jump started. Last week, it seemed to finally reach the point that both characters deserved and had wanted, but this week the show does a complete reverse and it’s not the first time. Was Varchie’s decision the right call? Let’s break it down and discuss. Warning: for the remainder of this article, we will be getting into heavy spoilers; so only continue reading if you’ve seen episode 5×18.

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Veronica Lodge’s Divorce Storyline on ‘Riverdale’ Was All About Regaining Her Power

For so many seasons, I have felt beyond frustrated with Veronica Lodge’s treatment as well as the storylines she’s given on Riverdale. Yet, I was very pleasantly surprised with the execution of her season 5 divorce storyline. In all honestly, I think its the best storyline the writers could’ve done with her character for a few reasons.

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‘Superhero Diaries’ Cast and Creator Talk New YouTube Series

Superhero Diaries had its soft launch in early 2021, with advance episodes produced during the height of the pandemic. It quickly became clear that talent would need to record alone and only work together via green screen and editing and yet they were still able to put together webseries gold. With its official debut, the fantastic satire series is now able to bring actors together on-set, to parody the multiverse galaxies, in ways that could never actually happen but do.

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Let’s Talk About Toni Topaz on The CW’s ‘Riverdale’

Fans found themselves instantly falling in love with and wanting more from Vanessa Morgan’s portrayal of Toni Topaz as soon as she came onto our screens on Riverdale. Toni was first introduced in season 2, episode 3 “Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods,” and became a series regular in season 3. Her portrayal provides representation as one of the only Black series regulars currently on Riverdale as well as her character being openly bisexual. So let’s take a look back at her journey and what we hope to see for the character going forward.

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‘By the Power of Fandom’ with Tiffany Smith

Shelf Conscious returns with a special episode! With Masters of the Universe: Revelation just around the corner, Keith is joined by an Eternian Royal Guard — and literal fandom princessTiffany Smith!

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BTS x McDonald’s Dropping ANOTHER New Collab TODAY

Just when you thought BTS and McDonald’s was done with their merchandise collaboration, they decided to drop a whole new collection for fans to fight over on WeVerse!

The two new collections, which one is appropriately called the “Saucy Collection” features characters hand-drawn by BTS themselves. It’s not like their BT21 characters. No. These characters are based on McDonald’s menu and are so adorable. I want them all.

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Let’s Talk About Some of Japril’s Most Meaningful and Important Moments

In honor of April Kepner’s return and Japril’s reunion, we’re gonna take a look back at their beautiful love story and some of the moments that made them one of the most beloved ships on Grey’s Anatomy still years after Sarah Drew’s departure from the show. The pair joined the series together back in season 6 before Drew made her exit in season 14. What Drew and Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) created on-screen with their characters was beautiful and will forever be a part of the show’s legacy.

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BoxLunch is Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

All month long, BoxLunch is highlighting stories of the Asian American and Pacific Islander diaspora. They have also set up a special landing page that links out to merchandise that celebrates AAPI culture and fandoms. Net proceeds from purchase will also benefit AAJC.

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In Praise of ‘ElfQuest’

Every single time there is a “best of” list of comics and graphic novels, it’s almost inevitable that most of these lists are going to look a little similar. You’re going to see Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns on there, Moore and Gibbons Watchmen; (very deserving of a spot in the top 20) Grant Morrison and Dave McKean’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. In writing this, I reviewed fifteen lists and this plays out, with some new additions like Robert Kirkman’s Invincible and Brian K. Vaughan’s Ex Machina; and the more seemingly odder choices like, say, Brian Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. And at some point, we’re going to have to talk about why there are so many damn men dominating these lists.

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NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ Cast Is Filled With Fandom Legends

Every family has a story. This Is Us chronicles the Pearson family across the decades: from Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) starting their life together in the 1980s to their kids, Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown), building their own lives in the present day along with Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson). The show is still going strong, currently airing its fifth season.

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Veronica Lodge on The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ Deserves Better

Everyone has that one character they relate to or see themselves in; everyone searches to find someone who looks like them on screen. For me, that character is Veronica Lodge on The CW’s Riverdale, which is based on the Archie Comics characters. Despite the fact that she has had one of the most important evolutions on the show and has been there since the pilot, she is often overlooked and over hated, for no real reason besides Archie continuing to choose her.

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The Case for a Sherlock Holmes Multiverse

Here is where I make canonists angry. Boom. So, Sherlock Holmes is kind of like Michael Moorcock’s ‘Eternal Champion.’ Holmes is different than a Paladin of Balance as he isn’t there to restore/maintain balance between Law and Chaos, he’s there to ensure justice in any way it needs to manifest. His mind and prowess are wonders, but his demons stop him from reaching his full potential. As great as he is, as helpful as he is, he cannot ascend past being an excellent consulting detective. He can never ascend to shining hero status. His demons can range from addiction, to misogyny, to broken and unhealthy relationships, or a combination of them all. The constant is that he wages an intense personal/internal battle in every universe. This impedes him from being nothing more than a celestial tool for those seeking redress.

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Patrick Clanton on the Evolution of Behind the Magic YouTube Channel

Last June, three months into sheltering-in-place and unable to perform for a live audience, actor Patrick Clanton decided to tackle an idea he has had for a while about starting a YouTube channel about the hidden gems of Disney. Originally called Behind the Ears, the channel’s early videos explored the making of Zoog era Disney Channel shows like The Famous Jett Jackson and short-lived Disney Broadway productions such as The Little Mermaid. Continue reading “Patrick Clanton on the Evolution of Behind the Magic YouTube Channel”

NOC Interview: Greg Daniels, Andy Buckley and Oscar Martinez of ‘The Office’

To borrow a line from Michael Scott, “My heart soars with the eagle’s nest.” The TV and film world of 2021 has started off phenomenally, with too much streaming content to choose from and loads of time to dive into favorites both new and old.

This past weekend we saw The Office make its official transition to NBCUniversal’s new streaming service Peacock but accompanied by a treasure trove of new clips and never-before-seen footage spanning several seasons of the beloved franchise.

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A Conversation with Elite Geek Marc Bernardin on ‘The Plague Nerdalogues’ and More

This past week, I sat down with the co-host of Fatman Beyond to talk comics, quarantine, and Snyder cuts. Marc Bernardin has been one of pop culture and comic book’s most necessary voices in the industry, with writing credits from Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Treadstone, and Castle Rock. Marc’s work has also spanned outlets like GQ, Wired, and Vulture.

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A Conversation with Stephanie Williams, One of Comic Book’s Wittiest Commentators

This week I sat down with X-Men aficionado, comic book culture guru, and Twitter queen Stephanie Williams and talked all things not destroyed by 2020. Williams can be seen on SYFY Fangrrls writing some of pop culture’s most necessary takes: from trope-busting the “tired mom” archetype, to how differently X-Men hits after 20 years, every bit of her commentary brims with exactness.

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