I Assure You, the ‘Clerks III’ Trailer is Open

Forget Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or The Dark Knight. After nearly three decades, filmmaker Kevin Smith finally concludes his epic trilogy with the Clerks III trailer that just debuted — even if Dante and Randall weren’t supposed to be here today.

Returning to his original shared cinematic Askew-niverse, Smith brings back Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson for one more shift at Quick Stop Groceries. Along the way, we see the return of other View Askew alums, including, of course, Jay & Silent Bob.

Clerks III arrives in theaters this fall, and Smith will once again take his film on the road in a barnstorming “Convenience Tour” — which has been a successful distribution vehicle for his most recent films — starting in Red Bank, NJ on September 4.

Tickets are available for pre-sale here.