CASETiFY & ‘Chainsaw Man’ Collab Celebrates Pochita and Special Division 4 Devil Hunters

Chainsaw Man fans, rejoice!

There’s a collaboration that, not only celebrates Chainsaw Man, but also is practical to use for every day life. CASETiFY, the popular global tech accessory brand, has teamed up with the equally popular anime series Chainsaw Man.

The artwork on these cases are simply beautiful, inspired by Chainsaw Man’s mix of horror and cultural aspects as well. Customers can join the priority list already in order to be the first to shop the collection at the CASETiFY online store on August 22.

Check out the Pochita Collectible AirPods Pro/Pro2 Case, which will be in limited quantity. Pochita is protecting your airpods! This is just so cute.

As for the cases, there are several options for iPhone and Android users that features the Special Division 4 Devil Hunters like Denji, Makima, Aki, and Power — each portraying the ability of the each character’s abilities. Don’t worry — there are Pochita cases too! The collection also includes tech accessories such as AirPods cases to MagSafe wallets and lifestyle items like water bottles.

For customers who sign up for the collection waitlist, they will be eligible for pre-sale access on the CASETiFY online store.

If you download the CASETiFY Co-Lab app, users will receive the latest Co-Lab news. It’ll also allow images and videos to be shared as well as save their payment information, shipping details, and device type to make the shopping experience as smooth (AND FAST) as possible. The collection will be available for purchase on the App.