Why People Hate Heroes of Cosplay

In this episode I dive into the root causes for why so many people hate the SyFy series Heroes of Cosplay. The episode also takes on this article discussing the Wizard World costume contest in New Orleans.


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2 thoughts on “Why People Hate Heroes of Cosplay

  1. This is kind of off… by a lot. I don’t understand why people can’t be critical of a very real problem with the show (not the people harassing cast members, strange as that is) and get called something like “jealous” over it. I mean, didn’t this show pull the same weirdness last season with their other finale? That was kind of a train wreck It’s not really fair to be critical of people when you’re kind of doing the same thing? Did you do a lot looking into this before making the video, or what this something just done right after reading that thing?

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