The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff + Super Mario Bros.

I know this has been shared a million times on the internet already, so what’s one more share?

If you’re unaware, The Roots hosted their annual Fourth of July bash in Philly. Featuring artists such as Nicki Minaj and Bilal, the concert was simulcast on MTV networks VH1 and Palladia. The highlight of the show, for Nerds of Color at least, was the legendary Jazz Jeff battling maschine maestro Jeremy Ellis using nothing but Super Mario Bros. samples.

This is just proof that video games are not the sole propriety of nerdcore rappers. Believe it or not, hip hop and nerd stuff go hand in hand. Besides, the homie Random (aka Mega Ran) has already gone on record saying Will Smith (and by proxy his DJing partner Jazzy Jeff) was the first nerdcore artist anyway.