The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff + Super Mario Bros.

I know this has been shared a million times on the internet already, so what’s one more share?

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Why We Love Quincy from Disney’s Little Einsteins

As of a father of three NOCs in training, we’ve had the experience in cycling through kids TV shows. Everyone goes through Dora and Diego phases before moving on to Backyardigans and graduating to Yo Gabba Gabba! and so on.

But in our NOC household the one TV show that all three of the kids have enjoyed thoroughly — and at times the older siblings still make ahem excuses to watch with their little brother — is Disney’s Little Einsteins.

Little Einsteins is a show where four friends — Annie, Leo, June, Quincy and a very special rocketship named Rocket (yea I know, original but bare with me) — launch into missions that are filled with classical music and historically well known artwork to engage young kids with art and music.

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I Hate These “Blurred Lines” Too

Adam WarRock‘s latest free tune is a collabo with artist Chris Haley called “Nerrd Lines,” their ode to cosplay and cons. Set to Pharrell’s earwormy beat for “Blurred Lines,” the controversial summertime smash by Robin Thicke, WarRock and Haley’s version spawned from a summer spent at cons where hundreds of folks could be found waiting in lines circling convention centers from Connecticut to Baltimore.  All while wearing layers of spandex and plastic in 90 degree weather. Here are some sample lyrics from “Nerrd Lines”:

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