Strictly Nerdcore with Adam WarRock, Tribe One, & Mega Ran

As you know, we love talking about hip-hop here at The Nerds of Color. More specifically, the subgenre known as Nerdcore has a special place (and its own category) here as well. So it was a big deal to get three of the biggest names in the game to sit down for a special episode of Hard N.O.C.

Joining Keith (@the_real_chow) on the show are overly enthusiastic hip-hop artists Adam WarRock (@eugewarrock), Tribe One (@tribeonewon), and Random (a.k.a. @MegaRan). As always, Hard N.O.C. Life is directed by the indomitable Nelson Wong (@aarisings).

Topics covered on the show include:

  • How the guys feel about the label “nerdcore”
  • Mega Ran and the formation of the Nerdy People of Color Collective
  • WarRock and Tribe’s adventures in Magic: The Gathering
  • The difference between nerdcore rap and rappers that talk about nerdy things
  • What happens when marginalized cultures (nerds, hip-hop) become part of mainstream culture
  • What it means to be rappers of color in a predominantly white musical genre (e.g., the reverse-Macklemore)
  • Keith and Tribe reminisce about their favorite emo bands
  • The music that influenced Tribe and WarRock’s formative years as artists
  • All this and more on Hard NOC Life! Watch it on your screen, hit “play,” and check this.

Watch this space every Friday for new episodes of “Hard N.O.C. Life” and go to our YouTube channel to subscribe!

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