The Costumes of Guardians of the Galaxy

I give my thoughts on Marvel Studios’ latest film Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, as always, we review the characters and their costumes.



One thought on “The Costumes of Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. Great video! I watched this movie yesterday and I want to see it again! It’s very refreshing to have a movie so deep in space and not be completely connected to Earth or Asgardian tales.

    I think the reason the Guardians’ costumes were designed that way to keep some rebellious, low class theme of the group. They weren’t a unified group of professionals like the Avengers. So they needed to look less posh. If Star Lord was supposed to look the most impressive then the rest have to be toned down. In Gamora’s case, I’m glad they didn’t keep the original fishnet/Princess of Mars look.

    Ironically, it might have been easier to give Rocket and Groot more personality because they were CGI characters. Their more alien forms pushes out minds to allow them to express themselves more overtly than the real actors. Groot gets to act more understated until he cuts loose in battle. Rocket gets to ramble and be smart because we underestimate his size. If Marvel and DC maintained that level of animation, they could actually make more superhero films all in CGI.

    Marvel has opened up a new direction and it could be the Star Wars franchise that WB failed to achieve with their Green Lantern film. I can’t wait to see what else they’ll show because the aliens worlds were well handled. I wouldn’t bother visiting OA in Green Lantern. But I would love to see Xandar and the Nova Corps. I’d also love to visit Nowhere.

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