Why Black Panther is Really Getting a Movie

In this episode, I give my thoughts on the recent major movie announcements from Marvel Studios, specifically what I believe to be the true motivation for why Marvel finally decided to give Black Panther his own movie.


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4 thoughts on “Why Black Panther is Really Getting a Movie

  1. A bit of scepticism can be healthy. This has been a long time coming and – to give them credit – Marvel Studios has always been careful on how many titles they are willing to commit to. People forget that they don’t have an unlimited budget to create more titles each year. I even fear we could be facing another economic crisis by the time these films approach their release. This is why having them under Disney is good thing. But we now know Marvel has been listening to our demands.

    Maybe Cyborg was a factor in this announcement but it wasn’t a hard act to follow. There are already so many mechanica and heavily armored heroes coming out. Arnold is returning as the cybernetic Terminator. Mike Colter will be donning Halo armor in Halo: Nightfall. Black Panther looks more like a superhero in a costume. He looks a better than Shaq did when he played Steel (DC).

    Capt. Marvel’s announcement was also a great surprise because she’ll be the first superheroine who has super powers. Black Widow doesn’t have any. Sif’s not getting her own film, and the Scarlett Witch is a minor character in Avengers: Age of Ultron. So far no comic based film has ever put a super-powered heroine in the lead. This has been the case since the X-Men debuted. The new Wonder Woman will be introduced as a supporting character in the next DC film. Hopefully with the current release date it gives the actress enough time to build some muscle and look like she’s a heavy hitter. That would challenge the audience. And since Carol Danvers has never been brought to live-action cinema they have more room to develop some ground-breaking.

    To top this off here’s some real world news:

    African country of Zambia has appointed Guy Scott as their first white head of state in 20 years. He’ll be an interim president until elections come in three months. Boko Haram has reportedly kidnapped more girls since the Nigerian government announced they negotiated a release of the 200+ girls they kidnapped six months ago.

    Whatever Black Panther is supposed to mean to the audience, he’s here for entertainment.

    1. “So far no comic based film has ever put a super-powered heroine in the lead.”

      Uhm, you should repost this article and include Tristar Pictures’ Supergirl (1984) which was played by Helen Slater. I know this might before your time. But you can click the IMDB link below


      And Supergirl was on Smallville for a few seasons and Supergirl will be on a new series next year for CBS. And DC and Warner Bros. could easily get a Wonder Woman or Supergilr film out before Captain Marvel hits the screen as well…Money out…@MONEYTRAIN & @FUNKGUMBO

      1. I’m referring to the past fifteen years when superhero flicks filled the theaters. Fans started demanding a Wonder Woman and Black Panther when this happened.

        Supergirl was not the lead in Smallville. The Supergirl TV series is not even unique as a superheroine tv show. Action heroines and fantasy heroines have always fared better on TV than on the silver screen. Warner Bros did not say Supergirl is getting a solo movie.

        Warner Bros has waited too long to announce a solo Wonder Woman film, and it came after announcing her appearance in the next Superman film. That’s nothing inspiring for an iconic heroine.

  2. There have been myriad casting rumors surrounding Black Panther. Moreover, they hired a script writer back in 2011. As for the complexion issue, it’s the inverse. You rarely see a lighter complexioned Black protagonist. For the record, Halle Barry is medium complexioned(see . Derma-blend).

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