Do Cons Need Cosplay Dress Codes?

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On Comics and Cosplay, I’m hosting a new series called Con Week where I discuss various topics surrounding comics and anime conventions.

In this episode: cosplay dress code policies.



4 thoughts on “Do Cons Need Cosplay Dress Codes?

  1. I definitely agree with you. Con’s should be very publicly clear about what they deem appropriate and inappropriate/what’s allowed and not. By publicly I mean that they should have it on their sites, just as you said. I think that even though a lot of cosplay costumes are 100% accurate to the character, that doesn’t make them appropriate.

  2. No dress codes
    “You find me offensive/ I find you offensive/ For finding me offensive”
    – Eminem

  3. Over here in Australia most of the conventions happen around autumn or winter. So I’ve seen very few in skimpy costumes. So far I haven’t heard any loud complaints of sexual harassment or possible predators at these Australian cons. But if Tanya Tate doesn’t go to a con as a porn actress – but a fully dressed fan – then somebody else isn’t getting the message. The video game conventions have recently been criticized for having sexy models at the booths when guests bring their children along.

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