Konfederates Keep Koming

So news broke yesterday that the creators of Rape of Thrones are creating a new series called Confederate. It essentially reimagines the South winning the Civil War and slavery continuing.

Because in the age of a Trump presidency, Dylan Roof and #BlackLivesMatter, white power fantasies are exactly what we need.

No one should really be shocked by any of this. Between series ranging from Mad Men to Man In The High Castle, it’s obvious the powers that be in Hollywood (and corporate America) want us to get comfortable with Alt-History, Alt-Facts and the Alt-Right.


It’s also obvious that HBO is getting desperate to remain relevant. Once the gold standard of cable television, the last quality series they had was The Wire. Netflix has been making the network all but fade away and classify itself as obsolete.


Understandably, many Rape of Thrones fans are distraught and betrayed, vowing never to watch such a blatantly racist series like Confederate. Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying this cup of Pumpkin Spice and laughing at said fans because they’ve been essentially watching Confederate for the last 7 seasons.


What is Rape of Thrones but a white power fantasy rife with racism, slavery, rape, imperial wizards, grand dragons, white saviors, homophobia, war, white demons, an aversion to cold weather, rampant incest, inbreeding, and nasty white folks who don’t use a washrag.  That’s the South in a nutshell.


Not that I really care that much but I do have a question for those of you who are fans of Thrones.

Any chance of you all boycotting the rest of this season to stand tall and send HBO a message that #BlackLivesMatter?

Okay. Judging from the pointing and laughing, I’ll take that as a no. Ok then.


2 thoughts on “Konfederates Keep Koming

  1. God I miss the Wire, we need a spiritual successor where like before the main character is the city where it takes place

    An alt history show that I’d watch would be What if the British had won the Revolutionary war and crushed the patriots? I don’t think they’ve done something like that.

    In this day and age I don’t think Confederate would be a good idea and I say that as a Northerner.

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