Hard NOC Life 281: Fantasy Sleepers

With Britney away, Keith and Dominic are left to recap the latest She-Hulk: Attorney at Law before they reveal why high fantasy shows like the prequels for Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones currently streaming are in their pop culture blind spots.

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Paddy Considine Wasn’t Aware of Viserys’ Choice in That ‘House of the Dragon’ Scene

The first episode of HBO Max’s House of the Dragon, the anticipated prequel to Game of Thrones, dropped this Sunday with over 10 million households viewing it on premiere night.

***This article contains spoilers from the pilot episode of House of the Dragon***

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‘House of the Dragon’ Actors Never Met Their Younger Counterparts

No one quite understands the methods that actors use to get into a character. For some, they immerse themselves into the character and get to know the cast who play the younger versions of themselves or vice versa. For others, they completely close themselves off in order to portray the character with no other influence.

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‘House of the Dragon’ Creatives Learned From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Mistakes

Game of Thrones has had its fair share of controversies — from the handling of sexual assault to the treatment of people of color, the creatives of HBO’s House of the Dragon says they’ve learned from the mistakes of the past.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Studio Tour Officially Opens in Northern Ireland

Back in December, reports came that the official sets used in Game of Thrones would finally be available to the public via the Game of Thrones Studio Tour opening in Northern Ireland. Well rejoice, GoT fans, because opening day has arrived! You can now visit the exotic lands of Westeros and see how the magic and fantasy all came to life!

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Westeros is Coming to Life in the New ‘Game of Thrones’ Studio Tour

Linen Mill Studios. That was the home of a little show called Game of Thrones for several years. And in that time, it was never publicly available for visitors to tour to see the majestic, gorgeous sets of the Emmy-winning series. But today, December 1, the wall is coming down!

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Enter the ‘House of the Dragon’ as New Teaser Trailer Debuts

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Game of Thrones did not end well. For every brilliant season the show had, there was an episode in the final season that disappointed fans. But whatever the case, the fact of the matter remains, before GoT there had never been anything like it on television ever, and still isn’t. We can throw a million and one fantasy clones at a streaming service (Shadow and Bone, Wheel of Time, Foundation, The Witcher, Cursed, etc.). And yet none of them ever matched the sheer scale or cinematic quality of fantasy storytelling that the original show achieved.

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Gwendoline Christie Joins the Spooky Cast of Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’

From the cold fronts of Westeros, to the chilling halls of Nevermore Academy. Gwendoline Christie joins the cast of Wednesday — the brand new Netflix series — as Larissa Reems.

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Hard NOC Life 222: ‘Loki’ and the Multiverse of Mad Segues

This week on Hard NOC Life, Britney and Dominic break down episode 2 of Loki. And go on many tangents. From Spider-Man to Game of Thrones to Ms. Marvel and eventually back to Loki.

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Hard NOC Life: Crisis of Infinite Supermen

On a new episode of Hard NOC Life — which was recorded before the reveal of Brandon Routh as Superman! — Keith and Dominic get excited about all of the Superman, especially the inclusion of Smallville in this fall’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover on The CW.

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Southern Fried Asian: Soman Chainani

Southern Fried Asian returns with a brand new episode! Keith is joined by Soman Chainani, the New York Times-bestselling author of the hit children’s fantasy series, the School For Good and Evil. The fifth book in the series, A Crystal of Time, is available now wherever books are sold.

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The NOC’s Watch: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Welcome back, it’s your humble steward , ever serving in the NOC’s Watch and ready to live tweet episode 2 of ! I’ve read A Song of Ice and Fire twice and have a dog named so I swear by the old Gods and new that I am INVESTED in this show.

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AOC is NOC AF! (Updated)

UPDATED OCTOBER 13, 2019 for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s birthday. See #12-14 below!

For those visiting our blog for the first time, ‘round these parts “N.O.C.” stands for Nerds Of Color (or Non-Official-Cover if you’ve just rewatched the first Mission: Impossible film).

It’s a term of inclusivity that we wear with pride. And because part of our nerdy duties include ingesting a lot of TV, movies, and Twitter, we feel obligated to note that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is, by her choice of pop-culture references on Twitter and other forums, also a Nerd Of Color. (We’ll update this listicle periodically as Rep. AOC continues to use Twitter to do spectacularly nerdy things.)

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Konfederates Keep Koming

So news broke yesterday that the creators of Rape of Thrones are creating a new series called Confederate. It essentially reimagines the South winning the Civil War and slavery continuing.

Because in the age of a Trump presidency, Dylan Roof and #BlackLivesMatter, white power fantasies are exactly what we need.

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Game of Thrones The Musical: The SDCC Version!

Just in time for tonight’s hotly anticipated season 7 premiere of Game Of Thrones comes a musical romp that takes our favorite characters into a much more light hearted spin. Coming off a successful run in Los Angeles earlier this year in February, the musical is now heading to San Diego Comic Con from July 20 to 23.

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Iron Fist Abridged: The Adventures of Iron Goldendoodle & The Bargain Bin Lannisters!

by Andrea Tang

This weekend, between bouts of story-editing, I meandered my way through the first four episodes of Netflix’s Iron Fist, which I’m actually quite enjoying so far, probably for the same reasons I’ve seen Vampire Academy three times. I’m pretty sure the writers pitched this series as, “What would happen if you put a goldendoodle puppy in the body of a WASPy ten-year-old blue blood, then traumatically dropped him off in the Himalayas for Fifteen Whole Gap Yahs? Probably, he would die, but that is boring and untrue to comics canon, so what if we made kung fu magic happen along the way in a manner most likely to bring the wrath of Edward Said’s ghost down on our heads? LET’S FIND OUT.”

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8 Times President Obama Proved He Was Our NOC-in-Chief

For the last eight years, my president was Black. More than that, he was a Black Nerd, a Nerd of Color, the Head Nerd in Charge. After today, we aren’t going to see the likes of someone sit in the Oval Office as intelligent or intellectually curious as Barack Obama. His record in office speaks for itself. Because of President Obama’s leadership, 20 million more Americans have health insurance, marriage equality is the law of the land, and nerds of color were finally represented in the White House.

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Which AAPI Actor Deserves the Nerd Grand Slam?

This week’s reveals from Doctor Strange and Ghost in the Shell are further proof that it’s hard out there for an Asian actor who wants to be in a genre film. Fortunately, there are a few AAPI actors who have claim to the coveted “Nerd Grand Slam;” that is, they’ve starred in a superhero franchise, a Star (Trek or Wars) vehicle, and an epic fantasy. But who is the nerdiest? Dominic Mah, from YOMYOMF.com, joins Keith to decide which actor is the One Nerd to rule them all.

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How Gods of Egypt Adheres to Racist Fantasy Rules

Gods of Egypt is a mess. You can look at the myriad of reviews trashing it and see it for yourself. Heck, you can look at the traileror its box office receipts — to see how much of a joke it is. Have you seen such bad CGI in the modern era? But even more insidious than the CGI is that the film went out of its way to cast white actors in an ancient Egypt-set story. This is the second film within two years that showed audiences a white Egypt. You might recall how spectacularly Exodus: Gods and Kings failed.

Technically, Gods of Egypt had all of the ingredients necessary to make a fun “swords and sandals” fantasy. It’s a fantasy that’s not just set in ancient Egypt, but involves gods and goddesses interacting with their human subjects. Who wouldn’t want to see Ra and Horus get into it on the big screen? But where the film’s team went wrong is that they treated it like a “traditional” fantasy. What’s a traditional fantasy, and why was that the wrong approach? Let’s find out.

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