Into The San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay-Verse, Part I (2019 Edition)

2019 has been full of terrible happenings and counter-happenings, but here we are now at the 50th San Diego Comic-Con! (Or #SDCC19, if you’re into the brevity thing.)

Perhaps owing to the superlatively non-racist good vibes induced by Into The Spider-Verse, the first two days of SDCC have been full of Spider-Man Cosplay. Spider-Man Classic, Movie Spider-Man, PS4 Spider-Man, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Spider-Woman, The Sinister Six, Spider-People and Symbiotes of all sizes, genders and colors. I’m largely okay with it.

I often request for cosplayers to pose as if texting on their phones; admittedly, the effect is most hilarious when it’s a character who isn’t always on their phone in the movie.

Trend analysis: In recent years, a very popular cosplay at SDCC has been Daenerys from Game of Thrones — recognizable lead of a hit show, relatively straightforward costume to assemble, adoptable countenance for many young women. This year, so far, mine eyes have only spotted one Mother of Dragons. (This is an anecdotal data point, to be sure, there are two more days of SDCC still to come.) Might the dip in Danys have something to do with her going a bit homicidal in GoT’s recent series finale? Or…

…is it also because her hairstyle in those final episodes got truly complicated? Credit this cosplayer for the extra effort to emulate Dany’s super-fancy finale ‘do. And speaking of cool hair:

D’awww. It’s kid Gamora from Infinity War! Could anyone be cuter? That’s not rhetorical, the answer is no.

Meanwhile, Mark Niu, friend of NOC and correspondent for China Global Television Network (CGTN) America, met up with basically all of the X-Men villain-people:

(Juggernaut counts as at least five people.) Also roaming the halls as a duo were Mystique and Magneto…

…or is it Polaris? (J/K, I wasn’t really asking a question about X-Men continuity please please don’t X-plain anything it’s just a great costume pleeeeez) Mark interviewed me for two live segments about Asian American representation in Marvel’s Shang-Chi and Agents of Atlas, as well as about NOC’s Rally For Rose Tico, which will assemble at SDCC a matter of hours from now! You can watch me blather on while wearing my favorite AOC / Green Lantern shirt here.

In contrast to my phobia about someone tying me down and explaining X-Men continuity to me, I really would welcome some edification about the Mandalorian lady armors pictured above, with classic Stormtroopers. ‘Cause I don’t know if they’re new-ish or custom or what, I just thought they looked fabulous.

And then I spent some time aboard the IMDboat, where I ran into Scooby-Doo, texting. ROR.

Two Green Lanterns, texting. (Which begs the question, if a Green Lantern uses their ring to create a smartphone and sends a text with it, does the text still exist after the ring’s charge wears off and the Ring-Phone vanishes? Or maybe it doesn’t beg that question.)

Two Spider-People, snacking on thwips and dip. (It’s a very hospitable boat.)

Two X-Men Academy Trainees, texting. Man, I love this place.

Cosplayer Vegas PG as Jewel, a.k.a. Jessica Jones When She Had A Costume.

Cosplayer NBX Maverick as Captain America/Sam Wilson.

Daredevil, eating a pretzel, presumably tasting each and every one of its 616 grains of salt.

Hawkeye showing off his no-look pinpoint-accurate texting technique.

“This drink, I like it. ANOTHER!” – Guy Gamora

Dr. Strange adding Moon Knight to the Avengers Assembling Group Text Thread.

Crossbones, texting, or perhaps hacking into Tony Stark’s shoulder rockets.

🙂 – V

Oh hei, it’s another one of those Friendly Neighborhood Miles Moraleses! And adorable dog! It’s almost like there’s a multiverse of Spider-Cosplayer-Persons or something!

Doctor Octopus/Doc Ock/Olivia Octavius/Liv and Spider-Man Noir, texting in tandem. What a tangled web we weave.

Silk/Cindy Moon and Spider-Man/Miles Morales (Miley?) by the ocean. Cosplayers, if you see yourself in pics here or in future posts, please feel free to reach out to me or Keith and ID yourself! Until then we’ll know you as those people who make SDCC beautiful, iterations of the always-expanding Spiderversal Squad.

Everyone have a fun, safe, and colorful rest of your Comic-Con.

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