Into The SDCC-Cosplay-Verse With The NOC, Part II

More sights and snikts from the extraordinarily eventful San Diego Comic-Con 2019 (The 50th edition of SDCC!) Check out earlier coverage here and here!

We’ll get into the big reveals from SDCC50 on our podcast; we have plenty of time to contemplate the new Picard series, the Top Gun sequel (Miramar is right there in San Diego, after all), The CW’s Crisis crossover, the multiverse of announcements from Marvel in Hall H. For now, we’re still feeling the sunny afterglow from the melting pot of fandoms, cosplayers, and creative folk who make Comic-Con International such a special gathering, particularly so on this week when our Supervillain-In-Chief was yelling bigotry at POCs to “go back where they came from.” What can I say, fool: We’re from here.

The Black Heroes Matter Flash Mob assembled for a stately photo session on Friday, outside the convention hall.

On Sunday, Spider-Verse cosplayers clustered for an impromptu Spider-Squad photo op, including this BHM Spider-Man, a.k.a. @justanotherwriterontherun (on IG).

On Saturday, prior to Marvel’s momentous Hall H panel, Marvel cosplayers boarded the IMDboat to meet up with the Russo Brothers, Anthony Mackie, and other luminaries. Here’s Sanrio-style Goose the Cat from Captain Marvel, Ronin of the Avengers, and a real security guard.

Oh snap (so to speak) and here’s Black Widow and a Dora Milaje, readying for a texting-pincer-move attack.

Marvel cosplayers assembling for group photo with Mr. Mackie and the Russo Brothers.
“No, on your OTHER left….never mind.”
Flash! Dunh-uh! Saviors of the universe!

Pro tip, for large-group photo ops in tight spaces (say, a boat), for the best vantage point, it never hurts to stand right behind the main photographer.

Part of the event involved a giveaway of Ben & Jerry’s Hulk-a-Hulk-o’-Burning Fudge sundaes (as per the gag in Avengers: Infinity War) with the Avengers directors helping distribute to the faithful fans. We also note that Loki here had a perfect opportunity to identity-switch with Anthony and Joseph, so all Marvel films from henceforth may be subject to the Trickster God’s machinations. But hey, when isn’t that true?

Nick Fury and Valkyrie, partaking of ice cream in the Saturday sun.

And Shuri, and Mysterio, and Magneto.

And Riri Williams/Ironheart, and Gamora, too.

…and a cleverly switched-up Daughters of the Dragon. (I didn’t indulge in a sundae ’cause when it comes to green ice cream desserts, I’m a purist Pistachio guy, but anyways.)

Back on land, I got to represent NOC on CGTN America (that’d be Chinese Global TV Network’s English-language channel) talking about Shang-Chi, The Eternals, Greg Pak’s work on the All-Asian Marvel team Agents of Atlas, Rose Tico, Birds of Prey, and other Asian-related nerdsplainations.

But also, we’re not always wearing masks and battle armor! We went to a party on Saturday night co-sponsored by NOC, Women in Comics Collective, Racialicious and New Release Wednesday. A good time had by all, methinks.

NOC EIC Keith alongside PREVIEWS’ Troy-Jeffrey Allen, writer/podcaster Marc Bernardin, and Valiant Comics’ Mel Caylo
Members of the NOC crew with comic illustrator Alice Meichi Li

See? Even Nebula’s having fun. Sort of.

“I don’t care if it hurts / I wanna have control….
I want a perfect body / I want a perfect soullllll….”

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