School of Hard NOCs: Generation X

Vitals: Generation X is a comic book title by Marvel Comics that ran for 75 issues between 1994 and 2000. Some of the books can also be read in a series of collected trade paperbacks.

Plot: Generation X focuses on a “misfit” group of teenaged mutant superheroes as they both battle villains and deal with life as teenagers with superpowers. The teenaged protagonists include: Jubilee, an Asian-American girl with the power to shoot firework-like plasma energy from her hands; Synch, an African-American boy with the power to temporarily copy other mutant powers; Skin, a former Latino gang member from East L.A. with super-elastic skin; Husk, a Southern girl with the power to transform her skin into various materials; Monet, a Muslim girl with invulnerability, super-strength and telepathy; Chamber, a British mutant whose barely-contained psychic energy has consumed most of his chest and lower jaw; and Penance, a mysterious girl with red diamond-skin. The teenagers are mentored by teachers Emma Frost (The White Queen) and Banshee.

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