Superman of Earth-23 Will Lead The Multiversity

Grant Morrison has been teasing it for years, but the epic Multiversity storyline will finally be hitting comic shop shelves later this summer. If you needed more proof, DC Comics’ The Multiversity graces the coveted front cover of the June edition of PREVIEWS, Diamond Comic Distributors’ monthly catalog of items it ships to stores, which will be available next week.

First envisioned in 2009, Morrison’s take on alternate universe versions of the Justice League will finally be told in a 10-issue series debuting in August. Though each issue of the series will take place in a different part of the Multiverse, it looks like the Superman of Earth-23 — who first appeared in Final Crisis #7 before having an Action Comics issue dedicated to him in 2012 — will be one of the breakout characters, as he is prominently featured on the cover (along with Captain Carrot, no less).

Take a peek at the PREVIEWS cover after the jump.

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