DevTalks: Dinga Bakaba, Director at Arkane Studios, Talks ‘DEATHLOOP’

Back in October, The Nerds of Color caught up with game designer and Arkane Studios legend, Dinga Bakaba, to talk his latest next-gen masterpiece DEATHLOOP. The sci-fi first-person shooter released to critical reception in September, and Bakaba shared details of the game’s development, including the impact of boasting such a diverse cast of characters. After industry veteran Romuald Capron recently stepped down as Arkane Studios’s game director of 16 years, Bakaba was officially named his successor following DEATHLOOP‘s wildly successfully launch.

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‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ Drops First Look at Zombies Mode from Treyarch Studios

There can’t be a Call of Duty release without the inclusion of their flagship Zombies mode, and today new details were finally revealed. From the first introduction back in Call of Duty: World at War in 2009, to the latest version by Treyarch Studios (in partnership with Sledgehammer Games) in Vanguard, players have been exposed to all manner of gameplay features that focused on staving off hordes of zombies. Today, Activision showcased a first look at the new mode coming to their latest title November 5, which features a franchise-first crossover with the studio whose legacy goes back to the mode’s humble beginnings.

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What the Hell is Going on With ‘Ghost Recon Frontline’

Last week, Ubisoft dropped the reveal trailer for its upcoming, 100-player battle royale title Ghost Recon Frontline. The trailer features gameplay footage and talking points from members of the Ubisoft Bucharest team, all of whom passionately speak on this project three years in the making. With games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and PUBG having already established substantial footing in the BR genre, fans were vexed at the announcement, so much so that Ubisoft subsequently delayed Frontline’s first closed test indefinitely.

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DevTalks: Hunter Young, 3D Environment Artist on ‘Halo Infinite’

Ahead of this week’s Halo Infinite Flight, the beta testing period that pits players against one another (or against bots for the first time in Halo), The Nerds of Color got to catch up with one of 343 Industries’ 3D artists to talk shop — but mostly to gush over how incredible the game looks and feels. Hunter Young had a lot of jitters leading up to the reveal of Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode this past summer, but when the hype calmed down and the dust settled, he felt even prouder to be part of the team ushering in a new era of Halo.

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