X-Men X-Cess: All’s Well in the Mojoverse

Originally posted at Adam WarRock’s tumblr page.

Gonna cram a bunch into this post, but if you’re around Fairfax, VA and/or George Mason University, I’ll be performing there on Wednesday, Oct 9 at 9pm at the Hub Ballroom. Come by and see the show!

I bought a bundle of X-Men Vol. 2 issues, 1-79, and I am going to read them all and blog about them here. And now:

X-Men #9 — The Not So Big Easy

Let me pose to you a scenario. “In this issue Ghost Rider will become infested by the Brood.” Yeah, sounds pretty cool, huh? But for some reason THAT part of the issue doesn’t click with me the same way as I remembered. Maybe I’m older, and maybe in a lot of ways, Ghost Rider just doesn’t seem that cool anymore? I mean he’s still COOL, but maybe those movies rubbed off on the mantle of the young Blaze.

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