EXCLUSIVE: Strength in NUMBERS Featuring PERIL-L by Fred Chao

And so it begins…

I told you last week that I was fortunate enough to connect with the legendary Chops on his latest, massive project Strength in NUMBERS. Well, here are the results of that collabo. Chops and I worked with a dozen and a half artists, cartoonists, and designers to create 35 individual album covers for each of the emcees, singers, and DJs on the album. We’re releasing the first three today. The cover featuring Peril-L is available exclusively here at The Nerds of Color. You can find Fred Chao’s renditions of Chops at CHOPSmusic.com and Styles Infinite at SIUniverse.org, respectively.

After the jump, you will be able to download a high-resolution jpeg of the first of three Strength in NUMBERS “variant” album covers. Just right-click and save.

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