Summer Got You Down? These Upcoming Feel Good Video Games Will Lift Your Spirits

What if Tony Hawk was actually a bird? What kind of game choices would you make playing as a postwoman in the ‘80s? Could you use your emotions to help guide a quartet in a forest? The summer has been overwhelming for the most part for many of us — from mounting pandemic concerns, to even more polarizing political conversations, it’s easy to quickly find yourself doom-scrolling for hours into the night. Thankfully, video games like Skatebird and The Forest Quartet exist to help ease our minds out of the hubbub of the real world and into the vibes of a video game experience that really feels good.

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Indie Developers Thrive Despite Post-Pandemic Challenges

If this year’s E3 expo showed us anything it’s that indie game developers are built different. Throughout the span of the four day long event, viewers were shown dozens of new titles coming to consoles and PC, and many of those titles came from small studios turning passion projects into marketable content. Between this summer’s E3 and the 2021 Wholesome Direct, gamers saw first-hand the hard work put in by indie game development studios who were also coming off one of the most damaging events to the industry and globe as a whole.

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