Denys Cowan’s Art Has Been Found

Quick update on the artwork that UPS “lost” en route to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore. It appears that all 28 pieces have been returned to Denys Cowan. Unfortunately, they have not been returned in the same condition in which they were shipped. Still, it’s good to know that this injustice has been rectified in some small way.

Cowan took to social media to deliver a special message to his fans and all involved in holding UPS’ feet to the fire. His message, as posted on Michael Davis’ website, is after the jump.

First I would like to thank the thousands, literally thousands, of fans who reached out concerned about my missing artwork. Due to the efforts of my friend, Michael Davis, as well as the entire Geppi family, most especially Missy Geppi, the President of the Geppi Entertainment Museum, UPS “found” and returned the artwork. As predicted, every single piece of artwork has been returned to me — all 28 pieces. I am elated, as well as dismayed, because the condition of some of the artwork is horrendous, which makes the outcome bittersweet.

However, I’m grateful for all the love and support. It continues to help me through a very hard time.

A special thanks to Steve Geppi for his personal involvement in this difficult situation.

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