Exclusive New Ghost Rider Track by Adam WarRock: “Spirit of Vengeance”

All week, our favorite internet rapper Adam WarRock has been releasing free music based on the Marvel NOW! slate of comics and characters. Yesterday, he premiered the Ms. Marvel track “Marvelous” at Newsarama. Today, it’s our turn!

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After the jump, we are happy to bring you the world premiere of WarRock’s latest track, this time about the All-New Ghost Rider: “Spirit of Vengeance.

Ever since Marvel announced the new Ghost Rider series would feature a young Latino from East L.A. in the lead, we have been psyched here at the NOC. Now that the book’s out, we couldn’t be happier with the results. Coupled with the success of Ms. Marvel, the House of Ideas is proving that adding diversity to their long-standing characters can work on multiple levels.

Here, we’ll let Adam explain why he thinks the new Ghost Rider is so great:

Let me just say that this new Ghost Rider is without a doubt, one of the biggest surprises for me in the All-New NOW! slate. That Tradd Moore art is incredible, the design of the issues so far is striking, and the issues of Robbie dealing with the socio-economic and racial/ethnicity-based struggles via the police, his neighborhood, his family — it speaks to me way more than I ever thought a Ghost Rider comic could. That’s kind of the beauty of a lot of these Marvel comics (in the same way that Ms. Marvel book touches on similar issues), they’re not only about a flaming ghost skull-headed spirit of vengeance, but also about so much more than that. So go check it out.

Click here to download an MP3 of the track.

After you’ve downloaded the song, swing by your local comic shop and pick up Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore’s All-New Ghost Rider as soon as you can!

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