NOC Reviews Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1

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My feelings on Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man are not exactly a secret (you can read all about it here). This has been one of my favorite comics for years, and ever since the introduction of Miles Morales in the aftermath of Peter Parker’s death, this has become the only comic I read on a regular basis.

The Ultimate Universe adventures of Spider-Man — which take places in a different universe from the original incarnation of the character — have been relaunched under the new title of Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man. The first issue of this new series debuted this week, and it is essentially the same book as before — which is just fine with me. Brian Michael Bendis is still the writer, and David Marquez is still killing it on the art.

ult-spidey-1Miles Morales is picking up the pieces of the ongoing misfortune that seems to come with being Spider-Man, while at the same time assuming a much more important role in the Ultimate Universe (and other titles therein).

Three years into his run on the adventures of Miles, and fifteen years into his run on Ultimate Spider-Man, Bendis has made sure this series is much more than a modernized update to the Spider-Man mythology. Sure, that’s what the series may have started as, but it quickly became so much more. Quite simply, this is the best, most consistent Spider-Man book in more that two decades. And to be honest, it got even better after Bendis introduced Miles Morales because this is when the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe truly became his own character.

Some people have criticized Bendis and the character of Miles as being some sort of lame attempt a forced diversity in comics, but those allegations are way off base. Yeah, it might be nice to have a writer of color chronicling the adventures of Miles Morales, but at the same time, I’m perfectly content with one the best writers in the industry at the helm.

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