Track Commentary: “Prometheus”

by Adam WarRock | Originally posted on tumblr

All this week, I’ll be doing track-by-track commentary on the new EP. You should go grab the new EP at my bandcamp site, PHYSICAL COPIES OF THE CD WILL ONLY BE FOR SALE ON MY SITE UNTIL END-OF-DAY FRIDAY. If you want a copy of it, get it now, or get it at a show. 

Believe it or not, the concept of this song was formed from this webcomic as much as it is based on the actual myth of Prometheus. There’s a loose fire theme on this album, that I’ll get to in about two songs in much more detail, but it was a beat that needed a concept, and a song that needed guests on it. And it’s really fascinating when you see how Sulfur and Ran both take the idea and make it their own. Sulfur, with his sense of humor that covers up the resentment towards God in his character; Ran with his talking of legacy and obligation, the chain metaphor taken to its logical conclusion. I really didn’t have much of a road map for this song, and I really ended up loving this track.

The subject of guest verses on rap albums is always an interesting one to explore. I know a lot of us feel like guests are necessary — I mean, when we grew up, guest verses were a reason to buy a whole album by an artist you didn’t even know. But you try to make it make sense, often a big star on an album can ring sort of hollow. Weirdly, I had never had Mega Ran be on any of my albums, even though he and I have done songs together, shows together, performed together, etc. So I knew I wanted Ran on the EP. Sulfur was someone who I actually just wanted to see what he’d do with the subject material, because I imagined him either going super dark or super funny with it, and he didn’t disappoint. And obviously kHill would be on it. But I stopped there, even though originally I had some pretty grand ideas of some guests on here — guests whom will probably appear on future albums.

Anyway, that’s “Prometheus.” Come see us on tour!

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