Track Commentary: “Nerds Won’t Dance to This”

by Adam WarRock | Originally posted on tumblr

I’m doing track-by-track commentary on my new EP, Gifted Student. You should go grab the new EP at my bandcamp site.

Greetings! I’m back, the Super Bowl was yesterday between two teams I, as a Steelers fan, have personal beef with, so… yay? I didn’t get to watch it, I went to Chicago this weekend, and ended up having to leave early only to be caught in the middle of a blizzard somewhere in the state of Ohio. So wherever you are out there, stay safe and warm. Icy conditions on the roads, believe me, I know.

So back to the new EP. Thanks to everyone who continues to support it. I’m glad that people are enjoying my first official release in over a year. This year, I kinda want to make… more albums. I say that, meaning more official albums, not just mixtapes or EPs I put together for the site. Don’t worry, I want to make those too. But I’ve been a bit more motivated lately to actually sit down and make cohesive products, rather than ephemeral kind of pop cultural stuff. I’ve got a few things in the works, and for the first time in a while, mostly because of the experience I had in making this EP, I am really looking forward to starting the work on my next full-length album.

“Nerds Won’t Dance To This” was the definition of an “Oh-my-god-we-need-another-song” song, and it kind of plays off an old song that I used to do live for the span of maybe three months. It’s a lighthearted play on the fact that no one really dances at our shows; even people who make perfectly danceable music, the crowds don’t dance. And honestly, I don’t know what I’d feel if crowds did just start wildly dancing. I’m almost used to making live shows a conversation, addressing people, hoping people listen to me rather than thrash around or weirdly do actual dancing. Something about it isn’t in the nerd persona.

There’s a weird sequence to albums, where you almost need a song like this to break up the monotony of the more serious stuff. But to be completely honest, me and Mikal had been busting our asses, working on trying to put together an eight-track EP, and we had made seven tracks we were really proud of. So he threw this beat together, sent it to me, and I think I basically stood at my microphone and wrote this basically off the top of my head as I recorded. We finished the whole thing in probably about 30 minutes, end-to-end. To our surprise, some people have told us it’s their favorite track on the album.

Anyway, I have a lot more to say about the song tomorrow, so stick around. And hey, come see us on tour!

Feb. 27 – Pittsburgh Comics – Pittsburgh, PA (facebook event) FREE
Feb. 28 – Shumatsucon – Columbus, OH
Mar. 1Green Brain Comics – Dearborn, MI (facebook event) FREE
Mar. 342 Lounge – Milwaukee, WI (facebook event)
Mar. 4 – Legend Comics – Omaha, NE (facebook event) FREE
Mar. 5 – Challengers Comics – Chicago, IL (facebook event)
Mar 6 – Singers Karaoke Club – Syracuse, NY  (facebook event)
Mar. 7 – Bombers Burrito Bar – Albany, NY (facebook event)