Jerry Ma’s Legend Kickstarter Has Some Amazing Friends with Benefits

Earlier this month, I told you about a new Kickstarter project from my Secret Identities partner Jerry Ma. His epic martial arts comic was introduced to the world the day before New York Comic-Con, and in only a matter of days, the project was fully funded! So what do you do when you reach your goal so quickly? You aim for stretch goals! And since this is the final week of the campaign, Jerry is hoping to get to his fourth and final goal of $10,500, and he’s enlisted some of the top artists in comics to help him get there!

Jerry’s got a bunch of great rewards for backers, but the dopest has got to be the $100 “Friends With Benefits” level. The following artists have contributed their takes on Jerry’s characters for an exclusive portfolio of art prints only available to Legend’s  Kickstarter supporters!

CLIFF CHIANG (Wonder Woman, Paper Girls)

JOHN PAUL LEON (Earth-X, Static)

SEAN CHEN (Iron Man, Nova)

GEOFF DARROW (Hard Boiled, Shaolin Cowboy, The Matrix)

KEN KNUDTSEN (My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer, Wolverine)

ANDY MACDONALD (Detective Comics, Amazing Spider-Man)

GLENN URIETA (The Papercut Kidz, Secret Identities: Shattered)

The reward will also feature art by Bernard Chang and Walt Simonson. Peep the Kickstarter page for a full rundown on all the rest of the rewards he’s offering.