NOC Recaps Into the Badlands: Equal, Opposite Reactions

There are few nerdy pursuits that bring me a lot of pure joy anymore.  Hamilton, of course, is one, and Into the Badlands is the other. And like what the homie Shawn Taylor said, sometimes it just feels better to big up a thing you love than to tear down something you don’t. That’s why I love giving these HamLands recaps to you, the people. One, unwarranted Hamilton references is kinda my thing — just ask my poor family. And two, the hashtag Into the HamLands — which was initially designed to house Badlands-specific Hamilton puns, IS BEING USED BY THE CAST AND WRITERS OF THE SHOW! (Badlands, that is. Still waiting for Lin to chime in.)

So when Veil herself tweeted this gem below, I knew it had to be the title of this week’s ‘cap!

Like the question the original tweet was getting at, this episode was all about the consequences — intended and unintended — that resulted from our main characters’ decisions throughout the season. For example…

Action: Hassan doesn’t back The Widow at the Conclave

Remember way back to episode four when the Barons met to decide Widow’s fate? It was only a matter of time before she set her sights on each and every Baron who wronged her. So it make sense that this episode opens with a sneak attack on Baron Hassan’s minions. Enter the Butterflies.

Opposite Reaction: Hassan gives Widow a hand… and a head

After the credits, we’re at the Wall, and Batman and his Robins — aka Sunny, M.K., and Bajie — arrive in the Thunder Machine at its big beautiful door. Sadly, they are unable to bring their vehicle with them but instead use it to purchase passage on a repurposed schoolbus for a one-way trip to the Badlands. The problem, though, is that Bajie’s sources aren’t on the up and up.

Instead of being taken to the Badlands, the bus is actually trafficking Cogs to Baron Chau. Sunny figures something is going down but is able to convince his sidekicks to surrender to Chau’s Clippers.

Action: Sunny “betrays” Bajie and M.K. and joins the Clippers

After being thrown into a grimy prison cell, Sunny gets the bright idea to show his captor his own Clipper tattoos. Once Chau realizes Quinn’s deadliest Clipper is in her midst, she’ll definitely let him out! And it works since it buys him an audience with Baron Chau.

Opposite Reaction: Sunny makes for a badass Storm Shadow

After meeting with Chau, and learning of the Widow/Quinn alliance, Sunny has a plan to get M.K. out of jail. He convinces her to free M.K. but only to use as bait to lure out The Widow. She doesn’t know he’s been cleansed, remember? Eventually, they show Sunny in Chau’s all-white everything and all I can think about is Daniel Wu playing Storm Shadow in a rebooted G.I. Joe movie.

Sunny also leaves Bajie behind but not before slipping him the key to his cage. He may seem like he’s turned his back on his friends, but really, he’s just being a spy on the inside.

Action: Widow forms an alliance with Quinn to take out all the Barons

Ever since Minerva thought up the idea for joining forces with Quinn, I’ve been ready for it to be over. The fact that these two don’t see eye-to-eye on anything gives me hope that the alliance will be short-lived. The first sign of dissension occurs after Widow is incensed that Quinn targeted wives and children.

Tilda also isn’t so sure about this alliance, and questions Widow’s motives. She especially feels bad about trading Veil to Quinn. But Veil ain’t here for Tilda’s excuses, though.

Opposite Reaction: Quinn is garbage and Widow won’t be partners with Tilda much longer

I can’t tell if the writers are setting Widow up to be a hero or a villain — guess that makes her an anti-hero. Because for all the good she does — freeing slaves, standing up for the women of the Badlands — her dismissal of Veil’s plight is upsetting. Sure, Widow thinks Veil is traitorous because she tried to save Tilda and M.K. from her last season — when she was portrayed as more of the antagonist — but Widow has forgiven others for less.

Another reason Tilda might not be long for the Butterflies? She finds out M.K. is alive.

Action: Sunny agrees to take out the Widow for Chau

Sunny’s plan to lure out the Butterflies works and an epic fight breaks out. Sunny was unaware of the Ace up Widow’s sleeve however. She knows where Veil and Henry are!

Opposite Reaction: Sunny teams up with Widow to take out Chau’s Clippers

Action: Quinn wants to make Henry his heir by marrying Veil

Quinn is the that dude who would make his ex-wife officiate the wedding to his new, younger wife. God, Quinn is so gross. 

Before the wedding, though, Veil and Lydia bond over their shared predicament and Lydia promises she will take care of Henry.

Opposite reaction: We all vomit –including Veil — at the thought of their “wedding night”

The wedding actually goes through, and Quinn beds Veil. She goes along, reluctantly, because she has hidden a razor blade in her lingerie and is about to murder her new husband (blegh) when Lydia rushes in to warn of an impending alliance between Sunny and Widow. But all Veil can hear is “Sunny is alive.”

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  1. Great Job! Madeleine Mantock killed this episode. God, my heart broke for Veil. Lydia did a great job comforting Veil. It was a great moment between them. Awesome, Episode.

  2. Can’t decide if Sunny is becoming the western idea of a white hat in that suit.

    I first heard of Into the Badlands through the Sci-Fi in Color podcast. Maggie and Melissa have some great episodic reviews as well – maybe not as Hamilton-centric, though.

  3. This episode was everything! Lydia has my respect again, and I am glad that she’s there to help Veil keep a somewhat cool head. Now, for the moment when Sunny learns that Veil is whatshisfaces wife because of The Widow…

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