Writer and Pop Culture Icon Shea Serrano Talks Basketball and The ‘Fast & Furious’ Series

2020 has been a year of woes, but every now and again nerds and pop culture fiends the world over shared in some of the light brought on by creators and artists whose work helped us through the tumultuous times. Shea Serrano, best known for his pop culture and sports commentary, has been lighting the year up with witty tweets and takes that span from the election to the different ways he and his wife dress (most notably his couch colored sweatpants and hoodie).

Shea Serrano, vibing. Photo by Michael Stravato / NYT

Shea’s work melds the best of the tangible world with thoughts and ideas we probably never considered but love discovering when presented to us. His 2019 book Movies (And Other Things) hooked us up with some of his very best musings, for instance, if Michael Myers was the subject of an NBA style press conference, or if you ever wondered whether a movie would be better or worse with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in it.

The San Antonio native’s most recently published work, a digital short story titled Post, aptly displays his handle of the craft beyond sports takes and cultural commentary. Shea’s citizen philanthropy also comes at a time when the country continues to face the ever present trauma and scarring of a pandemic running rampant. Since 2016 he has taken to social media to corral as many of his followers as he can to give back, and give back he does. After Hurricane Harvey bludgeoned Texas in 2017, Shea and his peeps raised $134,000 to aid those still recovering from the disaster.

Shea Serrano (center) in 2018 when Stevenson Middle School renamed and dedicated the school gym at Serrano Gymnasium. Photo by Marco Torres

This week I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Shea over Zoom to talk basketball, the state of 2020 and of course, his favorite franchise: Fast & Furious. You can catch our conversation in its entirety below!