NOC Interview: The Amazing Aya Cash and William Jackson Harper from ‘We Broke Up’

Ever been in one of those relationships where you’ve felt like you’ve always been on the same page with your partner, only for everything to change suddenly, and you realize you’re really not? That’s essentially what happens in the new anti-romantic comedy, We Broke Up. However, for the film, the protagonists of the movie, Lori (Aya Cash) and Doug (William Jackson Harper), have to fake like they’re still together for one long, awkward wedding weekend.

Recently The Nerds of Color was given the opportunity to talk to Cash and Harper, two of the best actors from two of the greatest sitcoms of the past decade. You’ve seen Cash from the criminally underrated, You’re the Worst (though you may also know her best from her amazing performance as Stormfront in The Boys Season 2), and you know NOC favorite Harper is, of course, from The Good Place. As fans of both know, these two are icons in the field of unconventional romantic comedies, which is why they were the perfect options for the roles of Lori and Doug.

To hear more about their experience shooting the movie, about what drew them to their respective roles in the film, check out our full interview with them below:

We Broke Up is now playing in select theaters, and is hitting VOD this Friday, April 23rd, 2021.

And for more on the film, keep a look out for our interview with filmmakers Jeff Rosenberg and Laura Jacqmin later this week on The Nerds of Color.

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