Hayley Law and Keith Powers Star in Avan Jogia’s Feature Debut ‘Door Mouse’

Highland Film Group are handling the worldwide rights for Avan Jogia’s feature writing and directing debut, Door Mouse. Hayley Law, Keith Powers, Famke Janssen, and Donal Logue star in the new film, which has just wrapped production in Canada.

Door Mouse is a Stylish Neo-Noir Thriller about a woman named Mouse (Law) who is stuck, in a dead-end job, doing nothing with her life and going nowhere. She works at Mama’s Burlesque Club all night, where her boss Mama (Janssen) encourages her to pursue her real passion of making comics. When a friend from work named Doe-Eyes goes missing and the cops do nothing about it, Mouse and her sidekick Ugly (Powers) take it upon themselves to find out what happened to her. What they discover is that corruption runs deep, monsters are real, and that sometimes, justice is meant to be taken into your own hands.

The project started principal photography on April 12. A press release shared that Kyle Mann from Independent Edge and Jason Ross Jallet from Cause and Effect Entertainment will be producing. JoBro Productions Jonathan Bronfman, Drive Films, Michael Risley, Goldush Entertainment’s Eric Gozlan, and Nathan Klingher are executive producing.

This isn’t the first time Jogia and Law have teamed up with Mann and Jallet; they were the producers of their film, The New Romantic.

Coming up, Jogia will be portraying Leon S. Kennedy in the upcoming Resident Evil reboot for Sony. He also recently published a poetry book called Mixed Feelings.

Law will star in the upcoming feature Mark, Mary & Some Other People. The actress will also be returning to the role of Valerie Brown on this season of The CW’s Riverdale.

Photo credit Paul Smith

Powers can be seen in the upcoming sci-fi thriller, The Tomorrow War, from Amazon, Paramount, and Skydance. He will also star in the Netflix feature The Perfect Find and On Our Way.

Janssen is filming the new Spectrum Original series, Long Slow Exhale. He recently completed filming Dangerous for Lionsgate as well as Redeeming Love from director DJ Caruso.

Logue can be seen next in Sony’s Resident Evil reboot and Season 2 of Peacock’s Departure.