Get Your Copy of ‘Scorpio’ Volume 1 on Kickstarter

Writer John Robinson IV wanted to tell a story that centered the astrology, particularly the zodiac signs. He had been a fan of the fantasy genre, but rarely saw any comic book stories that told it from a person of color point of view. He decided to combine his passion for writing and fantasy to create a world focusing on astrology and the stars, but with a lead character of color. This is how Scorpio was born.

Scorpio revolves around Danny Shim, a young Chinese American millionaire whose who finds himself entangled with some mystical mysteries of his familial legacy. He finds out that he holds an ancient Scorpio relic, known as the Sword of Shadows — one of 12 that are affixed to the Celestial powers of the Zodiac. Each relic, based on the zodiac astrology we all know and use, contains powers for those who wield the relic. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. Danny finds himself called to fight in a secret war to save the world as he learns more about the power of the Zodiac. He meets other heralds (relic wielders) such as Shakti Rai,  Herald of Libra, and Bonnie Bourdeaux, Herald of Capricorn, and learns why it is so important that he joins this fight. Everyone has a Zodiac sign and so everyone is represented. In addition, Scorpio’s cast features cultures from all around the world, further integrating that idea of diversity and oneness with society on earth and the stars above.

Illustrated by Marco Zuffraneiri and colors by Viviana Spinelli, Scorpio returns to Kickstarter for those who wish to have copies of the stunning artwork and rich storytelling. The Kickstarter will give fans the opportunity to grab Scorpio Vol. 1 featuring issues 1-3 in an edition that contains additional art and behind the scenes commentary as well as a host of other amazing rewards such as clothing, variant covers, art prints, and more! Give yourself the opportunity to own this wonderful comic. Scorpio Vol 1, issues 1-3, in 80 full color pages will be available today on Kickstarter here.

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