Rainn Wilson on His New Comedy, ‘Jerry & Marge Go Large’

Rainn Wilson plays Bill Madres in Jerry & Marge Go Large, which premieres Friday, June 17, exclusively on Paramount+. The film is inspired by the amazing true story of retiree Jerry Selbee.

Jake Giles Netter/Paramount+

JERRY & MARGE GO LARGE is inspired by the remarkable true story of retiree Jerry Selbee (Cranston), who discovers a mathematical loophole in the Massachusetts lottery and, with the help of his wife, Marge (Bening), wins millions and uses the money to revive their small Michigan town.

The actor is best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on The Office. Additional notable credits include The Meg, Super, Mom, Utopia, Don’t Tell a Soul, Blackbird, Cooties, Six Feet Under, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Jake Giles Netter/Paramount+

We discussed his approach to the story, which of his past characters would be the funniest to see win the lottery, what he enjoys most about the comedy genre, and more.

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