Lili Reinhart and Danny Ramirez Discuss ‘Look Both Ways’

Lili Reinhart and Danny Ramirez star as Natalie and Gabe in Look Both Ways. The new film is now streaming, only on Netflix. Reinhart is an executive producer as well.


On the eve of her college graduation, Natalie’s (Lili Reinhart) life diverges into parallel realities: one in which she becomes pregnant and remains in her hometown, and another in which she does not and moves to Los Angeles. In both journeys, Natalie experiences life-changing love, pursues her dream career as an artist, and rediscovers herself.

Reinhart is best known for her role as Betty Cooper on Riverdale, which is going into its final season. Additionally, she starred in Chemical Hearts, which she also executive produced, and Hustlers.

Ramirez can recently be seen in Top Gun: Maverick and No Exit. The actor’s notable television credits include The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, On My Block, and The Gifted.

Bettina Strauss / Netflix

I had a wonderful chat with the duo about how they stay in the present, which stage of the movie’s two different paths they were most excited to portray, and how they find their voices in projects.

Watch my interview below: