Sean Giambrone and Hayley Orrantia Preview ‘The Goldbergs’ Series Finale

Sean Giambrone and Hayley Orrantia star as Adam and Erica in The Goldbergs, which takes fans back to the ‘80s. After ten seasons of making us all laugh, the series finale airs tonight at 8:30 PM ET on ABC.

The Goldbergs” are back for a monumental 10th season celebrating everything we love about our favorite ‘80s household while also welcoming a new season of life. With everyone living back under the same roof and Beverly preparing for her new role as Grandsmotherer, there is more Goldbergs pandemonium than ever! As this new chapter unfolds, the Goldbergs continue to remind us that there is no bond greater than family, and there is nothing they can’t handle with each other’s support.

Before saying goodbye to the beloved family comedy, I had to reunite with Sean and Hayley to discuss what fans can expect from the finale and their characters. After the episode, I’ll share the rest of our conversation, which includes their thoughts on the ending and much more.


What can you tease about the last episode? Is there something that you’re most excited for the fans to react to?
Hayley Orrantia: 
Well, there is big news. There’s a bit of a cliffhanger and I guess my hope is that while in a way it feels like you’re not getting closure that it’s just a sign of hope and settling in that the Goldbergs are at a really good place, and that we can leave them there for a little while. Obviously, there’s gonna be so much chaos that ensues throughout that time that we may not get to see, but it’s done in a way that I think each of the characters gets this beautiful little moment that you get to live in at the end there.

Sean Giambrone:  Yeah, a lot of the fans like the Goldnerds and everybody, they’ve kind of stuck around throughout the whole run for a while. And so, it is kind of exciting that there’s some stuff in there that I think is for them because they kept us going for this whole time.

If your season one, episode one characters could see where your character ends up in season ten, how do you think they would react?
Orrantia: I think my character would be like, “I’m sorry, what? I marry and have a baby with Barry’s friend, Geoff? In no world.” She would have been completely in denial, and that she almost became a lawyer and is now just focusing on being a mom, I think that would have not at all been what she thought her journey would be, but in a way, it turned out to be the best thing possible and there’s so much love there. I think Erica would be happy but shocked.


She’d need a minute.
Orrantia: Yeah, like a good month to let it really settle in.
Giambrone: Yeah, Erica has such a crazy arc.

Orrantia: Well, I think, maybe that’s because — I’m totally pulling this out of nowhere, I don’t really know, but like, maybe because Erica was kind of based originally on the older brother and they kind of had it open where they didn’t know what that was gonna be. It kind of just became its own thing. But yeah, Erica’s come a long way.

Giambrone: For Adam, there’s probably stuff he’d regret along the way because he made his mistakes and stuff, but I think he’d be very pleased and excited about where his life is and where it’s heading because — well, there was a couple of things that I was like, “Oh, wait a minute,” but no, especially seeing the finale, I think the stuff that happens in the finale, he’d be like, “Wow, this is cool.” And it really fits in with what he and Pops were talking about back in the diner, so I think it’s good stuff.

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